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Please visit our How to become a seller page to learn how.

After the sale has been finalized, ESA will send you your payment minus the 20% donation.

Yes! Easel Street Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and any donations, whether it is a monetary gift given directly to ESA or the 20% donation collected from the sale of art, it is still a donation and qualifies as a tax deduction. You will receive a donation receipt at the end of each year covering the total donations you have made throughout the year.

No commissions, just the 20% donation.

After your ad is listed on ESA, you will have access to your listings, where you can edit or add additional information. To edit an item on your ad, log into your account, click “Manage Your Art”, then choose which listing you want to edit, select EDIT and make your changes. If there is an issue with an image, please contact ESA:

[email protected]

You are welcome to accept commission projects. ESA will not ask you for a donation for any commissions that you receive, but we sure won’t be upset if you pass a donation our way :>)

Easel Street Alliance requires artwork to be paid in full, at the time of purchase, for the sale to be final and marked as sold. We provide multiple forms of secure payment, including all the major credit cards and PayPal.

When a customer purchases your artwork, they will be directed to check out, where they can pay for their purchase. Easel Street Alliance will be notified of the sale by the Stripe payment platform. Once the payment has cleared, Stripe will transfer the money from the sale to Easel Street Alliance’s bank account, where it will stay until the buyers 14 day window for return has expired. After the 14 day wait period, Easel Street Alliance will transfer your payment to you.

ESA will not be collecting sales tax. Each artist is responsible for their own tax obligation.

All artwork sold through Easel Street Alliance comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the customer. Once your artwork is delivered to the customer, they will have fourteen (14) days to examine it and notify us of a return.

To limit the number of returns, so we are all happy, please be detailed with your listing.

  • Easel Street will accept returns, if notified within 14 days from delivery, for
    unaltered/undamaged artwork that has been properly packaged and insured with
    customer paying for return shipping and insurance.   We encourage the customer to
    reuse the shipping container.
  • If a customer decides to return a piece of art they bought from you, Easel Street will
    contact you. The buyer will be responsible for shipping the item back to you (trackable
    and insured). The customer pays for return shipping and insurance.
  • Returns will not be accepted for any artwork that has been stretched, cropped, or altered in any capacity after purchase. 

We ship through most of the common carriers that provide services in the U.S.. ie. USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. The artist will decide which shipping carrier will be the most appropriate for your art.

EASEL STREET ALLIANCE actively works to draw potential customers to the site through; social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads. Our webpage has sharing icons, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email to a friend, so the collector can link to others about an artwork, which in turn helps increase our reach through word of mouth.

You could sell it either way, although, sometimes a certain frame really sets off your artwork and it would sell better framed. Giving an option of selling your art framed for one price or unframed for another is another possibility.

You have to use your comfort level when making that decision.

The Packing your Artwork for Shipping guide we will send you walks you through all the steps needed and the guidelines could be used for most types of art.

You can either take your artwork and the box you are shipping it in to the post office and ask them to weigh it, or if you have a bathroom scale weigh someone with and without holding the art and do the math. But, while your at the post office, you can also ask them for the cost of shipping.

There is no monthly fee to sell on ESA, no fee at all. Only a 20% donation after your art sale.

We would love to have your help with this needed mission!

Monetary Gift:

Please visit our Donations page.

Other ways to support Easel Street Alliance:

Easel Street Alliance is also accepting donations of art and other items that can be used to raise funds through auctions and other channels.

The value of your gift will be tax deductible.

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