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Royalty II



26" W X
37" H X
1" D

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About This Artwork

“For the Royalty set I wanted to evoke a feeling of

sophistication with the texture being reminiscent of velvet in parts of the painting, and

the classic regal purple we associate with kings of long ago getting a playful if not

whimsical upgrade to lighten the mood. With enough imagination you can make out a

throne in the bottom right.”


Additional Details

Style: Abstract
Medium: Acrylic
Substrate: Canvas
Height: 37"
Width: 26"
Depth: 1"
Framed: No
Glass: No
Ready to Hang: Yes
Signed: Yes
Location of Signature: On the back of painting


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Artist Info


“My work is like a page out of my diary which in no way implies that it is only my story. I
believe we all have shared experiences and when we‘re willing to look at ourselves for
evidence of common ground we are much less likely to criticize. Heartbreak, joy, pain,
struggle, achievement, grief, loss, success, admiration, pride, and self-reflection itself
are common themes in the human experience. I simply choose to share my own in
hopes of allowing others to see themselves in it. After all, "the unexamined life isn’t
worth living", said Socrates.
I birth my artwork and expect each piece to go out into the world and be a contributing
member of society. I care for it like a child till it finds its match, it's forever home, then I
proudly see it off as it begins its grown-up life with you- a collector that will love it and
gain life from it. A symbiotic relationship with a purpose fulfilled; to make your life

Artist Bio:
“Erika Rachel is an outsider artist best known for her abstract paintings; however, she
has also worked in other mediums, such as screen printing, collage, and photography.
She describes herself as a “foodie, master recycler, and painter of things that need
Erika credits her encouraging, supportive, and open-minded parents for exposing her at
a young age to the teachings of gurus, such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and
Werner Erhard. Rachel attributes her ambition and artistic style to those formative years
and considers herself a follower of Socrates’ famous saying, “The unexamined life isn’t
worth living.” She embeds poignant life lessons in her brushstrokes that ask the
audience to not only examine her work but also themselves.
Rachel’s work has been exhibited at The Guild Hall Museum, Ashawagh Hall, Dohm
Alley, Tag Heuer, ArtExpo, and Hunterdon Art Museum and sits in private collections of
notable art patrons, including Lawrence Benenson (MoMa Board of Trustees) and Cyma
Zarghami (Former Viacom President). Rachel has also been featured in magazines,
such as L’Etage, Posture, CREATIV, and The Princeton Packet. She is a regular event
artist with Robert Graham.

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